Kal Bhairab Temple, Brahmanbaria

Kal Bhairab Temple (Bengali: কালভৈরব মন্দির) is a Hindu sanctuary, committed to the God Shiva, situated in Medda in the Brahmanbaria locale of Bangladesh. The sanctuary is renowned for the monster Shivalinga, a 28-feet tall Shiva sculpture thought to be the bigges

The sanctuary traces all the way back to the nineteenth hundred years. It is said that roughly quite a while back a stone worker named Durgacharan Acharjee saw a fantasy which roused and impacted him to make arrangements to construct the sculpture from soil. Noor Muhammad, the well known property manager of Sarail gave the land to fabricate this sanctuary.
Harm and reclamation
During the Bangladesh Liberation War the Pakistani fighters harmed and stole from a great deal of Hindu sanctuaries in Bangladesh. This sanctuary was one of the harmed temples.[2] The fighters harmed the pieces of this sculpture utilizing explosive. Later the sculpture was made once more. It required four years to assemble this sculpture once more yet it arrived at the level of 24 feet. The ongoing sculpture is made of stone.

Petitions and the board
Both customary and yearly petitions to heaven are held. Individuals from various districts stay with this sanctuary. This spot is likewise alluded as one of the vacation destinations of the Brahmanbaria region. There are the executives boards of trustees to take care of the sanctuary. The goliath sculpture of the Shiva is for the most part locked for upkeep issues. The Government of Bangladesh takes care of the charges for support.

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