Anandamayi Kali Temple, Brahmanbaria

Anandamayi Kali Temple (Bengali: আনন্দময়ী কালী মন্দির) is a Hindu sanctuary on Anandamoyi Kali Mandir Road in Brahmanbaria town, Bangladesh. The goddess Kali purportedly showed up supernaturally here in 1900.

The primary foundation of Sri Anandamayi Kali Temple was in 1900. The goddess Kali is said to have showed up phenomenally here in 1900. The groundwork of the recently fabricated temple was laid on 11 December 1997. The recently constructed sanctuary was introduced and laid out on 16 January 1999. In this manner Anandamayi Kali Temple was laid out.

The God of Kali Mata
The lord of Sri Anandamayi Kali Mata is made of stone and the icon of Mahadev is made of stone.

This sanctuary is situated on Anandamayi Kali Temple Road, the core of Brahmanbaria region in Bangladesh.

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